Cookiebits For IIS - Session Management Just Like Cookies

The essential ingredient for cookieless client session tracking.

COOKIEBITS for IIS is an isapi filter with session management capabilities that are completely transparent to both clients and servers. Sessions are maintained across requests for any type of file including static files such as images and stylesheets.

Cookieless operation enables session tracking when cookies are disabled at the client or removed by personal firewalls and proxies, without workarounds such as dynamic coding in ASP or PHP of hidden form data or url parameter variables into all pages as session identifiers.

For greater security, data remains on the server instead of being transmitted to clients.

Sessions are automatically initiated on the first page request from a client. No special handling or entry pages are required.

Integrated memory resident data dictionary optimizes performance for frequently accessed critical client session data. Backend SQL database transactions are only required if inter-session data persistence is desired.

Simple session data access by ASP and PHP scripts through COOKIEBITS read/write virtual cookies. Cookie dependent sites can be converted to virtual cookies by just installing COOKIEBITS without any coding changes.

COOKIEBITS is also search engine friendly. The configurable pass through mode lets search engines bypass session processing. No more duplicate pages.

Finally, traffic analysis is greatly enhanced since unique session identifiers are inserted into every log entry by COOKIEBITS.

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