session management applications

The following paragraphs highlight the most common applications of session identification, tracking and managment for the reader.

Sites offering users the ability to customise their use of the site must be able to identify each request made by a user as being part of a particular session. Once this capability is available, the server can associate the customisation requirements associated with the individual requests of that client session.

Sites offering more than one product require the ability to combine individual product selections made by a potential customer into a single transaction. The accepted method for accomplishing this is session tracking. Session tracking permits the aggregation of the individual selections into a single aggregate that is attributed to a specific client until ready for the final purchase transaction. In short, a shopping cart.

Sites requiring user login to access specific resources will often desire that the client login dialogues be integrated with the overall site visual design. When that choice is made, it is not possible to use the default http authentication facilities. Implementing custom logins that bypass the default facilities requires that the individual pages be able to associate the client with a session state, and whether that session is to be considered logged in. The design of COOKIEBITS offers features that enable this type of usage in a secure manner.

In all of these applications, the in memory data store of COOKIEBITS offers the highest possible performance for the most demanding session management requirements.

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