planning a session management strategy

Requirements for integrating COOKIEBITS into your site vary depending on the desired usage. Each individual requirement is explained below.

The filter may be installed as a global filter or as a site specific filter depending on your requirements. For example, if it is installed on a dedicated server which hosts a number of e-commerce sites then it is likely that the isapi filter will be installed as a global filter. On the other hand, if it is installed on a shared server at the request of a particular client, then a site specific configuration will be preferred by the isp.

COOKIEBITS eliminates much of the work of creating and maintaining sessions. However, pages which need to react to particular sessions in a particular way must still be written as dynamic pages. This follows from the fact that static pages have no facility to alter their behaviour.

The amount of development effort required to interface a site with a backend database is dependent on the site design and data persistence requirments. In some cases, the effort can be completely eliminated by careful use of the COOKIEBITS in memory datastore. For example, it is entirely possible to track the contents of a shopping cart or pages read in a forum without using a database at all. Using the COOKIEBITS data store as much as possible also results in the fastest possible page response time while maintaining session state.

Some sites require traffic analysis as part of ongoing marketing analysis. COOKIEBITS inserts a unique session identifier into each line of the site log. This session identifier permits the segregation of requests by unique sessions. Analysts can then use a suitable log analysis tool to determine the usage patterns of each session.

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