purchase cookiebits session management technology

This page starts the purchase of a permanent activation key for COOKIEBITS that permits the software to be used in production.

The purchase transaction will be handled by PAYSYSTEMS.COM on their servers. A purchase from PAYSYSTEMS.COM will appear on your credit card statement. Completion of your order remains the responsibility of COOKIEBITS.COM as the supplier.

Please note that as it is not possible to cancel issued activation keys, that it is a condition of this sale that no refunds will be issued. Please contact us if you have any questions before purchasing.

Pricing and charges are in US dollars and will be converted to your currency by your credit card issuer. Any special pricing currently in effect will be calculated automatically.

If you wish to purchase using a money order or cheque, please see our contact page for email and address details.

please click the button to place your order, you will be returned to this site on completion.

In addition to purchasing the activation key, the additional steps are:

  • download the version of software you need
  • run reqkey.exe that you find in the zip file
  • send the contents of reqkey.txt to us in an email
  • your activation key will be returned by email

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