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COOKIEBITS offers multiple opportunities for savings in both startup costs and ongoing costs of session enabled internet sites. The following paragraphs highlight some of the more important savings categories.

Creating session enabled sites is more economical with COOKIEBITS because much of the development effort normally expended on writing dynamic pages to maintain state across the site is eliminated. In multiple developer projects, it is possible to use less experienced developers for more tasks. Furthermore, code bugs related to failures to include session maintenance mechanisms in all required places are highly unlikely. These considerations translate into smaller development budgets and faster time to completion.

Savings continue once the site has been released. Original pages are easier to maintain since the code is clearer and the number of dynamic pages is reduced. The same cost advantages that apply to the original development effort also apply to ongoing maintenance of the site.

Costs incurred for user support are greatly reduced by using COOKIEBITS in preference to other session management methods since the sessions exhibit truly consistent and reliable behaviour. This is especially true in relation to browser configuration questions, since there are no dependencies on any user configurable browser settings.

Since the session tracking code is implemented as an isapi filter in highly optimised C code, it is the most efficient possible method of performing session tracking. Additionally, since the session data can be ignored by any asp or php scripts unless required, those cpu cycles can be applied to other uses. Note also, that COOKIEBITS enables the storage of critical user data in directly accessed memory to eliminate any delay in accessing backend databases.

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